Circular And Orders

Title/SubjectOrder/Circular/Memo No.Date of Issue

To provide medical facilities to the beneficiaries of ICFRE
(uploaded on 03-11-2017)
No. 6-18/2017-Miscellaneous30.10.2017

Transfer of Shri V.K. Ahuja, from Forest Products Division, FRI to office of DDG (Admin) ICFRE with immediate effect, until further orders.
(uploaded on 30-10-2017)
No. 1/8/2010/Ests.-II26.10.2017

Organizing Vigilance Awareness Week from October 30, 2017 to November 04, 2017.
(uploaded on 27-10-2017)
No. 31011/1 /2017-Awareness27.10.2017

Order for Joining
(uploaded on 27-10-2017)
No. 46011/27/2006/Establishment-I26.10.2017

Circular for celebration of "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas"
(uploaded on 27-10-2017)
No. 1-04/2014-Misc.

Organizing Vigilance Awareness Week from October 30, 2017 to November 04, 2017.
(uploaded on 26-10-2017)
No. 31011/1 /2017-Awareness
Participation in the events organized by the institute in national interest (uploaded on 17-10-2017)No. 1-27 /2017-
Departmental Promotion-Technical Services Rules-2013 (uploaded on 17-10-2017)No.- 12018/74/2010/Establishment-first (R.R)13.10.2017
Order for Transfer (uploaded on 13-10-2017)No. 16/776/2012-Establishment First28.09.2017
Notification of Viva-Voce Examination (uploaded on 13-10-2017)No. 2334/10PHD110/2017-FRIDU11.10.2017
Circular for allocation of houses (uploaded on 13-10-2017)No. 4-39/2017-
For sudden inspection of various divisions / branches / sections (uploaded on 11-10-2017)No. 3-9-2010-Miscellaneous06.10.2017
Revision of rates of House License Fee in respect of residential accommodation at New Forest Estate, FRI (uploaded on 11-10-2017)No. 4-2/2009-Bldg.10.10.2017
Indian Forest Service - Sponsoring of one-week refresher training courses for the officers (uploaded on 10-10-2017)No.15-7/2016-RT13.09.2017
Purchase Committee (uploaded on 10-10-2017)F.No.Dis/Misc/2006/Ests-I09.10.2017
Revise the rate of plants for sale (uploaded on 09-10-2017)No.4-5/08/CN/Silva/16306.10.2017

D.U.C Notification
(uploaded on 06-10-2017)
No. 2271/12PHD224/2017-FRIDU26.09.2017

Organizing Hindi essay competition on 10.10.2017.
(uploaded on 05-10-2017)
No. 1097/2017/N. F. A. /02(Hindi)25.09.2017

Circular regarding Annual Performance Appraisal Report/Annual Work Report for the year 2017-2018.
(uploaded on 05-10-2017)
No. 23-23/2016-17 ICFRE (RB)/18906.09.2017

Order Regarding attending National Seminars/conference/workshop etc.
(uploaded on 28-09-2017)
No. 11-55/09/Edu/DM/ICFRE/23815.09.2017
Information regarding Institute G.S.T. Number (uploaded on 28-09-2017)No. 1-1/2017/Account Office-211.08.2017
Visit of Secretary MoEF&CC Govt. of India (uploaded on 27-09-2017)No. PS-Secy./2016-ICFRE27.09.2017
2-October-2017 Gandhi Jayanti (uploaded on 27-09-2017)No. 10-13/2015/Publicity27.09.2017
Appointment of Hindi Translator (uploaded on 27-09-2017)No.11/676/2017/Estt-I26.09.2017
Voluntarily Retirement (uploaded on 27-09-2017)No.1-04/2016
Hindi Weekend Closing ceremony organized in FRI, Dehradun 2017 (uploaded on 19-09-2017)No. 14-12 / 2/2010-hi19.09.2017

Regarding the closure of the office in terms of security
(uploaded on 19-09-2017)
Number 3-2 / W and W res / 2008/17719.09.2017
Retired (uploaded on 19-09-2017)No. 48-2 / 2016-ICFRE19.09.2017
Shri S.R. Reddy has taken over the charge of ASE Silviculture and Forest Management Division FRI (uploaded on 19-09-2017)No.1-84/2017/ASE(Silva)/940213.09.2017
Voluntarily Retirement of Shri Jagdish Pal Singh, Research Officer Grd-I, Forest Product Division FRI/ICFRE (uploaded on 13-09-2017)No. 30015/1/2006-Estt.-I12.09.2017
National Forest Martyrs Day in FRI-11-Sep-2017 (uploaded on 11-09-2017)-11.09.2017
Availing of leave by the Scientists/Researchers from ICFRE attending seminar/meeting abroad-reg. (uploaded on 05-09-2017)No. 11-55/17/Edu/DM/ICFRE/22528-08-2017
Celebration of 71st Independence Day in FRI, Dehradun (uploaded on 09-08-20179-12/2005/publicity04.08.2017
Circular for Minutes of The House Allotment committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 22.06.2017 for allotment/change of Govt. Quarters to ICFRE/FRI Officials(Uplaoded on 07.07.2017) See Details05.07.2017
Circular from Account Section regarding GST.(Uploaded on 04.07.2017) No. Dis/2017-18/AS-II(GST)30.06.2017
"Order No.-16/Order No.-16/796/2014/Establishment-I" from registrar, Establishment-I, FRI Dehradun(Uploaded on 04.07.2017No.16/796/2014/Ests.-I30.06.2017
Dr. Mohd. Yousuf, Scientist-G, Forest Entomology Division, FRI will hold the position of Head of Division with immediate effect until further orders (uploaded on27.06.2017)No. 11/608/2001-Ests.-122.06.2017
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