• Training on application of Remote Sensing and GIS in forest resource assessment: This is a one week training course scheduled every year in the month of September as per the training calendar of FRI. Training program aims to equip the participants with essentials of RS-GIS and GPS. Participants are expected to get enough exposure for the hands-on exercise to make them handle licensed (ArcGIS and ERDAS) and free-open-source RS-GIS software. The program equips participants to test and apply the tools of RS-GIS for developing needed maps. The program is aimed for mid-career professionals, students and researchers whose work demands use of RS-GIS applications who have no any prior exposure to RS-GIS tools.
News/Events (This will be updated and sent on regular basis as and when such events are organised), recently completed events: Knowledge dissemination workshop on use of collected data and information of recently completed project for the forest resource dependence and ecological assessment of forest fringes in rainfed districts of India was held at FRI. The workshop was held on 28th July 2017, at Board Room of FRI. The sessions were oriented mainly towards the highlights and major findings of the project along with a session on discussion for the way forward. The workshop was attended by representatives of various institutes and forest departments like Forest Survey of India (FSI), Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Uttarakhand Forest Department, Watershed Directorate, Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology (UCOST), Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA), Central Academy of State Forest Services (CASFOS), Indian Council of Forestry Research and Organisation (ICFRE), etc. Major suggestions culminated as followings: Ø  Information collected is vital for forest fire control, monitoring, prioritising sites of developmental activities, baseline for climate change related studies Ø  Forest departments may use the data for prioritising activities to reduce pressures of fuel wood and fodder extractions. Ø  Mapping of weeds under different conditions may be done with reference to the present study. Ø  The present study can be used for mapping eco-sensitive zones and van-panchayats. Ø  The study will be helpful in deciding and standardizing the agroforestry area nearby forest fringes through specific interventions, for example use of indigenous species in forest, use of apricot for horticulture approach, etc. Ø  Soil moisture regime and soil carbon studies should be added in future study. Ø  The regional seminars are required to incorporate the gaps & constraints between the fringe community, officials, stakeholders and the concerned ministries. Ø  Suggestions from the report should be given to forest department of respective states regarding regeneration status of the forest, so that they can take initial steps. Ø  The collected data and information can be used for modelling.



Forest Informatics Division of FRI was established in May 2008, which was initially named as “Bioinformatics and GIS division”. The division hosts DBT funded “Bioinformatics Centre” from where the name of the division “Forest Informatics” was derived and the division was renamed as Forest Informatics Division integrating the GIS works in year 2009. Currently the division has Bioinformatics Centre, Information Technology Cell and Geomatics Centre which caters the needs of various ongoing projects related to information technology, GIS/RS based research and supports the educational and development activities of institute. The Bioinformatics centre was established under a DBT funded project- ‘Creation of Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility for Biology Teaching’. The Information Technology Cell functions as central service providing agency in the Information & Communication Technology domain. The development of Geomatics centre was initiated in the Forest Soil & Land Reclamation Division in 2006 which was further transferred and merged with Forest Informatics Division in the year 2009. Presently, the Forest Informatics division hosts state-of-art laboratories cum class room or Bioinformatics and Geomatics at this division in the magnificent main building of FRI. Since its establishment the division has been catering essential services related to Biodiversity informatics, RS-GIS and IT for research, education, training and extension. The division provides all necessary support services in Bioinformatics/IT and GIS-RS domain to all divisions of FRI, ICFRE, FRI University and other associated organisations in various on-going research projects.

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