• Short term training course on “Classification and grading of timber”was organized by Timber Mechanics Discipline, Forest Products Division, FRI, Dehradun from 6-12-2010-10-12-2010.
  • A five-day short term training course on “Classification and grading of timber” was organized from 27-02-2012 to 02-03-2012 for the personnel of Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.
  • A five days’ Short Term Training Course on “Wood Seasoning” was organised from 24thto 29th September 2012. Ten participants from Naval Dockyard Mumbai attended the training course.
  • A five-day short term training course on “Finger Jointing for Efficient Wood Utilization” was organized by the Division from 15-10-2012 to 19-10-2012.
  • One short term training Course on “Classification and grading of timber” was organisedfrom 17th -21st2012 for the 13 officials from Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.
  • Three days training on “Bamboo processing and product making for artisans and small scale manufactures of Himachal Pradesh” was organized by Forest Products Division, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun from 25.03.2014 to 27.03.2014.
  • Two days “Hands on Training to Artisans for Bamboo Technology Transfer” from 30.01.2014 to 31.01.2014 sponsored by BTSG-ICFRE, National Bamboo Mission organized. About 30 participants from various self help groups, NGO’s are participated in this training programme.
  • Five days training on bamboo processing machines, processes and product making was organized from 16.12.2013-20.12.2013for Self Help Groups.
  • 15 days training has been organized on “Bamboo Mat Weaving and Making of Bamboo Handicrafts Items”. For carpenters and staff of Forest Products division from: 23rd Sept -7thOct 2013.
  • A Common Facility Center funded by BTSG-NMBA for Bamboo Processing and Training (CFCBPT) was established at Forest Research Institute, Dehradunin January 2014. Four trainings were organized as a part of awareness generation and hands on training for bamboo processing and products.
  • Three days training on “Awareness Programme on Wood Processing and Wood Working Machines for Officials of Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board (PSAMB), Chandigarh” from 09.06.2014 to 11.06.2014.
  • Three days training on “Preparation of Bamboo Handicrafts forfarmers/ artisans of Himachal Pradesh” from 10.12.2014 to 12.12.2014.
  • Training on “ Preparation of Bamboo Handicraft for Artisans, Farmers and Self Help Group of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab” which was organized by Forest Products Division, FRI during 25/02/2015 to 27/02/2015
  • Five days short term orientation training on “Wood Science & Technology” from 23.02.2015 to 27.02.2015
  • A National Seminar on Role of Technology in Enhancing Bamboo Use was held at FRI, Dehradun during 25-26 November 2014.
  • A five-days training for artisans and farmers of Himachal Pradesh on “Preparation of Bamboo Handicrafts” at the Common Facility Centre (BPT)  of the Division in February 2015.  Twentyfive artisans / farmers were trained for manufacturing of bamboo products like mat, basket, flower vase, tray, furniture and other beautiful designs of products



Forest Products Division is carved out of some of the oldest research branches at Forest Research Institute. It is the repository of basic and applied data on Wood Science and Technology in India. Sonti Kamesam developed a wood preservative “ASCU” in the 1930s at one of the laboratories of this Division. Dr. Kamesam obtained the US patent rights in 1938 and thus placed FRI on world map. The Division covers all aspects of research and testing of wood-based materials from raw materials to final products. Our research intensively focuses on Timber Mechanics, Composite Wood, Wood Seasoning, Wood Preservation, Wood Working and Wood Finishing. Overall, the Division contributes to the much needed conservation of forests by promoting judicious use of wood through good processing techniques. At present, the Division has made its initial steps into nano-technology in wood processing.

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